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Golden Chain Puzzle

How to fix the gold chain with only 12 dollars?

 A woman has a gold chain cut into 4 pieces. Each piece consists of 3 rings, as shown in the figure, this woman wanted to repair the gold chain, so she went to the goldsmith, and he told her that in order to open a ring from the chain it costs 2 dollars and to reinstall it in the other piece costs 2 dollars, and he said Her that to install 4 pieces together, he will open 4 rings, which will cost 8 dollars, and then install them in the 4 pieces, which will cost another 8 dollars, meaning that it will cost 16 dollars to repair the gold chain.

But the woman only has 12 $, so she suggested to the jeweler a way make him fix the gold chain for only 12 $.

So what is this method that the woman suggested to the goldsmith to fix the chain for only 12 dollars?

Golden chain puzzle


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