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Probability Exercise with Answer | Example 2

Probability Exercise

 A bowl contains 8 white balls, 4 black balls and 3 red balls. We randomly draw 3 balls from this bowl.

What is the probability of getting:

1. A white ball and two red balls.

2. Two black balls.

3. At least a white ball.

4. Three balls of the same color.

The solution

1. The number of possible cases for this experiment is:
Bernoulli's law

The number of appropriate cases is: 
probability theory

And from it  P1= 24/455

2. The number of suitable cases is:
Math for 12th grade

And from it  P2= 66/455

3. The mutually exclusive event of event A: ''Three balls of the same color'' is the event Ā: ": ''We don't get any white ball"

We have:
12th grade

And from it:

probability exercises

4. Number of suitable cases: 
Grade 12

And from it   P4= 61/455


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