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Subtraction for Kids Ages 8-11

 Subtraction for Kids Ages 8-12

Subtraction is a fundamental mathematical concept that children aged 8 to 12 begin to explore and master. This crucial skill involves the removal or deduction of numbers from a given set. Designed specifically for this age group, our subtraction program engages young learners through a variety of engaging activities, games, and exercises. With a focus on building a solid understanding of subtraction principles, children will gradually develop their mental math abilities, improve problem-solving skills, and enhance their numerical fluency. Our interactive approach ensures that kids not only grasp the mechanics of subtraction but also cultivate a deeper conceptual understanding, setting them on a path to mathematical success.

Three-Digit Numbers Subtraction (Vertical Subtraction)

Worksheet 1   Worksheet 2    Worksheet 3  Worksheet 4   Worksheet 5    

Subtraction Word Problems

Subtraction With Borrowing

Worksheet 1   Worksheet 2    Worksheet 3  Worksheet 4   Worksheet 5    Worksheet 6   Worksheet 7    Worksheet 8

Subtraction With Zeros Regrouping

Worksheet 1   Worksheet 2    Worksheet 3

You can get the children's activity book in the subtraction process